Vereniging Peelbelang Landhorst

Vereniging Peelbelang Landhorst (VPL) is a village association that champions the villagers of Landhorst.

They wanted me to make their new website. The new website conserves their brand. The green color and their logo are indispensable. These represents the nature and the peace of the village. A website build from skratch gives many advantages for example: versatility, speed and user-friendliness.

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website Tom Groot Portfolio

This portfolio

Yet again, everything you see on this website is built by me. No additional frameworks, no themes, no prebuild CMS systems. Everything is built according to my needs and is therefore very efficient.

As you might have noticed, the logo comes back several times. It represents open mindedness. You can literally see the sun through it.

Isolin Plan App

The Isolin App is made with the purpose to better keep track, direct and communicate with employees. It is specifically made for Isolin, a company that is specialized in insulating pipelines. The app keeps track of all the current projects. Employees assigned to a project have the possibility to chat, keep up a to-do list and see other info about the project. The app distinguishes all sorts of insulation and other industry-specific terms. Everything to improve and simplify the logistics of Isolin.

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app FamilyFrame


FamilyFrame is a concept created and shaped by Chris Tomassen, a third years student at Industrial Design. FamilyFrame's purpose is to enhance the family connections. Family members using FamilyFrame all share a photobook wherein they can send and view pictures. This photobook is also displayed on a digital photoframe for the elderly in the family. This allows them to see the pictures the family shared in a very simple yet elegant way.

Project 1: Menora

Menora is a successor to a desk lamp. It is an intelligent lighting system.

The lamp recognizes in which psychological state the user is and adjusts it's light accordingly, based on fidget items that come with the lamp.

The electronics inside the fidget items and the lamp are programmed and installed by me.

Read more about Menora.

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